There is now a brand-new version of the highly groundbreaking Raspberry Pi computer which has just recently gone on the market, known as the Pi Zero. Best of all, you certainly will not have to break the bank to buy one since it only costs $5.

The super awesome single-board computer, which is even smaller in size than a credit card, is quite significantly less than the already very affordable original Raspberry Pi, which is currently priced at $25.

Driving down the cost of computer hardware is still Raspberry Pi’s most important objectives.Even in a highly developed world, owning a programmable computer is still considered a luxury item for many people, and every additional dollar that we ask of a customer to spend really decreases the chances they will decide to buy our product.

We have in fact built thousands of these units so far, and we are currently building more, and we expect demand to really outstrip the supply in the near future.

To fully celebrate their launch yesterday, the company has now also revealed that it will be giving away one free Pi Zero with the purchase of each copy of their December issue of The MagPi. This promptly made them sold out as of yesterday, although we are certain that more copies will be printed soon.

So, in the event that you have ever thought about getting your hands on Raspberry Pi, there is really no opportunity than right now.  At $5 for a computer, it will fit within the standard electronics limits on most homeowners insurance policies.


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